Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Supremseo do not charge automatically any amount. All transactions are initiated by user also we do not save any billing related data.


Supremseo has right to change price and validity of any service at any time.

Refund Process:

We will provide refund only and only when our tool is not working for more than 2 days. There will be no refund if your account get ban or you do not use our service. Also, there will be no refund if our tool limits get ended, you have to wait till limit refresh again.

We wouldn't give a refund if you didn't read the product's description or limitations. You agree to this refund policy when you pay for any product of ours.

Account Ban:

If user shares his/her account details with other people, then Supremseo has right to permanently ban user account without any notification. Multiple logins from same IP (using proxy or same ISP) in same day can result account suspension.

Temporary Account Hold:

Supremseo reserves the right to temporarily suspend your account if we perceive it as a high-risk to our services. The review process may take up to 10 days, depending on the complexity of the situation.

Should our assessment conclude that your account poses no risk, your account will be reinstated and for the period your account was inactive, equivalent days will be added, with a maximum of 10 days.

However, if our investigation determines that your account is indeed high-risk, please note that there will be no refunds provided and the account will remain permanently suspended.


Supremseo has rights to send you notification via Email / SMS to your registered number/email regarding new offers or for other information purpose.

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