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$70.00 $15.00

Note: Its the Deluxe Plan Of Godaddy.

Plan Details :

  1. 1 CPU
  2. 512 MB RAM
  3. 250,000 files
  4. 115 entry processes
  5. Unlimited Sites
  6. Unlimited Shared Storage
  7. SSL Certificate
  • Important :
  1. The Plan Of the Web Hosting will be Godaddy Deluxe Plan, Which Costs around 5 $ Per Month.
  2. We, Will, Provide You 1 Year Hosting Of Godaddy Deluxe Plan In 15 $ [ Limited Time Offer ]
  3. Account Can Be Old Or New Doesn’t Matter! We will Buy the Plan In Your Godaddy Account.
  4. You Have to Provide E-Mail and Password of Your GoDaddy Account For the Purchase.
  5. Nothing Is Ill-Legal We are affiliated with Godaddy, and We decided to share With Supremseo Members.


Terms And Conditions :

1. Refund Will be Given If we Fail To Provide the Service.
2. Thanks For Ordering.


We Take Guarantee Of 6 Month

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